Thursday, January 12, 2023


The holidays seem to whiz by! I was able to see my parents this Christmas season, which has been a rarity the past decade because of work and family schedules. It was so nice to have home cooking for two weeks and get to show my parents the faith community we have here in Texas. I pray that the holiday season was equally enjoyable and restful for you and your families this year. 

Students Over the Break

Over the break, we've been able to keep up with students even more than previous years. We set up devotional groups that met up weekly on each day of the week. Naturally, when we get out of routine and structure we have difficulty being productive, spending time with God, or doing many of the good habits we develop over a semester. So those groups were meant to combat that and help and encourage one another to be good disciples over the month-long break. It has been great getting to see the students online over a period of time when contact can just suddenly go dead. And it's been great for them and us in remembering to be like Jesus even when the demands of life are very different.

Winter Retreat

Coming up this weekend, we have Winter Retreat! (That's our rebrand of Winter Camp.) It's exciting to have one after having to cancel the one two years
ago and nearly having the campground cancel it last year and only being able to do it at limited capacity. We have almost 550 people attending which is both daunting and exciting! Please pray for our worship leaders, our speakers, and our students to be listening to God and seeking to grow and start the semester well with the heart and eyes of Jesus. We're eagerly anticipating how God is going to use this experience to change lives!

Thank You!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and kindness towards me. I am so thankful for what I get to do and how you guys support me in that. Please let me know if ever there is anything I can do for you!