Wednesday, January 8, 2020

In Christ Alone, Who Took On Flesh

Hey everybody, it's been a busy time in campus ministry followed by a restful time! 


We've finished the fall semester and it's been amazing what God has accomplished. I've gotten to lead Core, which is our small group, this year and gotten to know a lot of guys on the fringes of our community or for many of them the first time they've been part of a Christian community. The last time I led Core was almost 5 years ago and I had forgotten how much time and mental and emotional energy it takes to think purposefully about a bunch of guys who may or may not be taking their faith seriously. But it is such a rewarding part of the job: to get to have a bunch of guys to think and pray about, to lead through their various struggles and celebrations in life, to live with and grow with. It's a role and experience that I would love to be able to do for the rest of my life. Please pray for each of them: Andrew, David, Esosa, Jackson, John, Jose, Luke, Mark, Michael, Nick, other Nick, Oliver, Stephen, Suvi, and Tim. All of us need Jesus, and all of us need good brothers and sisters who can be Jesus to us, show him to us, and grow us to be like him. 


In the last month of last semester we had four students ask to be baptized! As a college ministry, some of our students have already been baptized when they were in high school, some choose to be baptized at their home churches, but we talk to everyone about the importance of baptism and the sacrament that it is in our beliefs as Christians. So some of them, like the four last December, choose to be baptized by our campus pastors in various swimming pools at people's houses or on campus. It's an exciting and community-building time when students will take time out of the middle of their day to show up at the side of a pool to hear how Jesus has been transforming and redeeming their fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you guys for being a part of this and making campus ministry possible. 

Personal Notes
My brother and I spent the holiday season here in Texas because of his work. But we were welcomed in by friends who hosted us in their homes so that we wouldn't have to be alone. I'm so thankful for community and for family here in Texas. Emily and I are still dating, we just crested seven months! We've been doing our best to date well, with accountability, and as an example to students in the ministry on how to date in a Godly manner. Please continue praying for me as we navigate this realm of dating. And please pray for me and my family as I'm beginning to miss them quite a bit.