Thursday, October 6, 2022

Come and See What God is Doing

After a crazy season of planting, now it's time for those seeds to be taken care of. If a small group leader hits the ground running for welcome week, when September rolls around they should end up with a group of 10-15 people who barely know each other. The ironic thing is that if they've cast their nets wide, they have a diverse group who knows them well but may never have met each other. So, September and October become the months for those guys or girls to begin to develop bonds. It can feel discouraging at times as people opt out because it isn't what they were looking for, the inclusion of Jesus is too much, other priorities in life get in the way, but when our leaders stick with it eventually they come out the other side with a group that is closer for having invested the time in each other's lives. That's the phase of ministry we're still in! People are getting to know each other, letting down their walls, trying to become good friends to one another.

Fall Camp

One of the ways we help our leaders develop those bonds and build momentum is Fall Camp! It's just a 24-hour overnight retreat for them to bring their small groups to, learn about Jesus and how he has impacted their peers, and have fun together. We're always excited to see how much a simple overnight experience can do for depth of relationship. Just brushing your teeth next to someone and sleeping in the same room together develops a brotherhood/sisterhood and an intimacy that weeks of hanging out can't do. Already we're hearing positive feedback on how students related to the testimonies of their peers, how Jesus saved them or led to a better life out of cancer, drug abuse, unfulfilled lifestyles, and complacent church attendance. Please pray for God to continue impacting lives, and that these guys and girls would learn and grow to love one another as Jesus has shown us to.

Family Night

Coming up on October 15th, we have our annual Family Night from 5:30pm-7:00pm! This is the one week a year we move our fellowship night from Friday to Saturday to enable families, friends, mentors, and any family figure to come visit and see what kind of ministry their child/sibling/friend is a part of. Alumni are also invited! This is an opportunity to share in the vision of God's kingdom and we're always excited to join in unity with others over that!

Thank You!

 Thank you guys so much for supporting me in campus ministry! As this starts the 8th year of doing campus ministry, it has gone through ups and downs and various challenges, but what has been faithful throughout is the support of God's people in his mission here. I appreciate the trust and care you put in me to be a part of God's work with college students, and I hope I always communicate that! I always look forward to the next time I'm able to see y'all and catch up!