Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Planting Season Starts Now

The Beginning

And the year is fast upon us! Welcome weeks are the busiest and most fast-paced time of year! Students are moving in and we have this two-week window where everyone is open to making new friends, trying new things, finding new communities. The amount of outreach we can do in these two weeks surpasses what we could do for the next 9.5 months. That's why we hit it hard from morning to night, meeting these new students and encouraging our students to be bold and reach out! And I am so proud to say that so many of our students are answering the call. They are talking to other students at the gym, the dining hall, as they walk the campus. They are coming to our events and welcoming all sorts of strangers into friendship with them. There is no other feeling like going to an event with a hundred people and seeing your co-laborers in Christ right there with you, blessing the people and this campus with the love of Christ. 

80 students showed up for a Bible class on Jonah!


We had events every evening and some mornings and afternoons for the first two weeks of school! Please pray for our students and our staff to keep following up with the students we've met. For so many of the students we've met, it's the first time they've made friends at college. They're showing up and coming out of their hidey-holes after years of social isolation. We're happy to be here to be a part of their college journey!

First Friday Night Fellowship!

Our first Friday night was a great success! God is so faithful is consistently bringing people and maturing disciples to be a light on this campus. We had so many people come to Whataburger after one of our events that the entire restaurant was packed with only our students. 


Please pray for God to continue touching hearts and for our students to be faithful with whom they've been given. This year is full of unknowns and we're excited to be a part of it. God is always at work and we're always looking to join him in that.