Monday, January 3, 2022

Good News and Bad News


The Holiday Season

It's been a great time to spend special occasions with people you love. The biggest one on the list was getting engaged! I knew I wanted to propose to Emily at church because she's grown up in that church since birth and it's a special place for us both with a community that we loved. The tricky part was how to include everyone and also keep it a secret. Thankfully, her mom reminded me that the church was having a kids ministry fundraiser and with the right coordination everyone could be there and not raise suspicion. It went off without a hitch! Some of the guys in my small group got to be there as well and they kept joking with me throughout the day, asking if I was nervous. What a great opportunity to get to spend with these guys. Up next is the wedding!

Thanks and Prayer

Other than that, ministry has been trucking along. I've got some really awesome guys in my small group and we've had a lot of fun together. Here's some pics from our thanksgiving celebration and our Christmas party. Please pray for the COVID situation, as that is throwing a wrench in upcoming plans like staff retreat, Winter Camp, and Showcase. After a long time of avoiding contracting it myself despite many close calls, the sickness did catch up to me. It feels like a nasty cold, but I'm confident in the recovery, and hoping to be ready to go soon! Please be praying and thank you for all your support! Have a happy new year!