Monday, June 19, 2017

I'll Praise The One Who Died For Me


Well, it's been quite the month for me. I've spent nearly all of it away from my little home of Dallas, Texas. First off there was SICM, as most of you read in my last blog post. And then straight from there, I went down to my hometown of Vancouver, Washington to see all my supporters from my home church. Many of you were among that number, and I was extremely excited to be able to catch up with you! I also got the chance to have a reunion with some friends from high school. Some I haven't even seen for years, much less get time to hang out with them. It was such a refreshing time to be able to share lives with them, even to share the gospel with them. 

End of the Year

After that trip I made a brief pit stop back in Dallas to listen to our apprentices' last sermons talking about the things they were taking away from their yearlong experience and how they've grown and changed over the past year. We heard messages of how people have proven their love through difficult times, how other staff members believed in an apprentice's potential to grow, and how an apprentice has been able to unpack past hurts and learn to forgive. This year of intense work and pressure really produces amazing fruit in these lives, just as it did mine last year. And it's because of hundreds of donors like you that we get an opportunity like this. We topped it all off with an end-of-year staff party to celebrate all that God has done this year. 

The Motherland

And finally to wrap up the month of travel, I took a little trip back to the motherland of Taiwan, meeting all three of my siblings there, two of my cousins, and my mom. To celebrate the littlest sister graduating high school, all us kids decided to have a reunion shebang in Taiwan. I had forgotten what a different culture it is back there, from the weather to the pedestrian culture, it was a jarring experience but packed with fun and food. Of course we hit up the night markets almost every night just to see all the big lights and eat the cart food. While there I had to have good conversations with a few of them on how life has been going and where they are in their walk. Sometimes family is the hardest to get to open up, but the ones you care most deeply about. Please pray for them that God would reveal more of Himself to them and that would seek Him earnestly.

Thank You!

It's definitely been a very different month! Not a whole lot of student ministry, but as disciples, our ministry is not confined to only one area. We are disciples of Christ in all areas of life, and it has been a blast to continue to be a part of people's lives long after we have left the same geographical area. Thank you all so much for your support in all aspects of my ministry, and I hope to see many of you soon!