Friday, December 22, 2017

From Life's First Cry to Final Breath

Christmas Party

Every year we do a Christmas Party to celebrate the season, the end of the year, and to get our community together as a family. This year we did a Christmas movies theme with the church decked out in full movie theater decor. And as always, we had our core skits as the main event. It was a really fun time that bonds people together through 

Christmas Devotional

We had our last fellowship night out in the cold! All bundled up and cuddled close together, it was a great time despite the weather, and maybe because of it. Our students loved having it outside, and it was a great opportunity to have visibility on campus. We had more than a couple students join us after hearing the music. 

SMU Advent Service

We had our first advent service at our SMU campus to celebrate the season. We went through a traditional service led by an episcopal priest. We sang through old hymns and through Bible passages that went from Genesis to the Gospels speaking of the entire gospel story. It was a great night of meaning and tradition. 

Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone so much for your constant support,  it means so much to me. Because of you I'm able to take part in a career that I love and interact with people that I love every day. I hope this Christmas season is a good one for all of you. Because my brother works in customer service, the two of us will be spending Christmas in Dallas while my parents are in Taiwan visiting my grandmother in the hospital. If you could pray for her continued improvement, I would very much appreciate it, as well as for my family in general as we try to spend some time together this season in three different places.